Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Date August 29, 2001 (happy birthday amanda, blake and greg!)
Feeling happy! but tired
Listening To 'wave' | 'think it over'
Wanting ice cream! strawberry..mmm

this is my first post, and i'm excited! muahaha. just jokin'. actually, i found one of these on a person's site, so i thought that i would start one of my own. how sweet, hey? haha. well, i guess i should tell you a bit about myself! i'm a seventeen-year-old girl, and i LOVE music. it's pretty much my life! i've been involved with it since i was six years old, and in a 'band' since i was eleven! back then it was just talk, but we're workin' our butts off now and we're planning an unsigned artists tour for the summer of 2002. i'll explain more about THAT later.

i'm also kind of long winded, hehe, so these entries could get pretty long.